Meet Taryn

Fun Facts: I have a deep love for elephants (cows, too). I have a tendency to break out in song and dance, any time of day. I love warm weather and lots of sunshine. I would rather stay in with a close friend than spend a loud night out in a crowd. I have been known to eat Amy’s pizza in a bubble bath with a bottle of wine. I have an obsession with Harry Potter. I received warnings from several friends to stop wearing my “hippie sandals” out on new dates. I have five incredible siblings. Friends and family mean everything to me! I have a strong dislike for wheel pose and prefer a yoga practice that is surrounded in pillows (who doesn’t?). My hair color changes, a lot. Oh! Also, I would never turn down a glass of champagne.

But really, the good stuff: I began exploring the world of health at a pretty young age. Around adolescence, I began to really pay attention to my body and became obsessed with reading the latest workout trend in teen magazines. Around 11-years-old, I read a book that seriously blew my mind with strong arguments towards veganism. My eating habits have changed a ton over the years, but I haven’t touched red meat since then and tend to eat vegan as much as possible.

I’m pretty anti-labels. While I will be writing mostly about vegan and vegetarian eating, I think it is important that people listen to their own body and what fits in their conscious. Some days, I can’t pass up good brie and I have a hard time avoiding sea food when I am traveling along the coast. I do what feels right for me, and I encourage you to do the same.

When I got into yoga in college, it changed my life. I have always had a difficult time with depression and anxiety (thank you, Scorpio). When I walked away from my first class and realized my brain was not able to think about anything other than poses the entire time, I was hooked. I also knew I would teach one day.

Jump forward to a more recent time. This blog begins during a transitional period of my life. I am just recently divorced and was really feeling conflicted with where my life was headed vs the plans I had for it. I am a habitual planner and the unease on not knowing what is next had me a bit nervous!

However, I am learning to trust the universe and accept the unknown as an open door.  I am ready for expansion, incredible experiences, and new connections.

I am so glad you are joining me on my journey! Let’s stay in touch!