Ready for Amazing Confidence that Turns Heads?

RY Confidence Toolkit


You know there’s a world out there in which you get out of your self-doubt and really thrive, right?

The world in which you go after that promotion, ask that cutie out, or pack all your shit into a tiny suitcase, ready for adventure.

It’s an ideal world, where you can give up your desire to be perfect and, instead, embrace YOU. Flaws and all.

Yes, girl. That world 100% exists.

You’re living in it.

There’s only one world and you’re here. All you need to do is shift your perspective.

Babe, you’re already doing awesome.

Trust me, I’m an expert in this whole “figuring yourself out” stuff.

You’re on the edge of that confident self you’ve been looking for.

Are you ready to:

  • Turn heads with the magnetic energy that flows out of you?
  • Stop overthinking all the things you want to be “perfect?”
  • Let go of the self-doubt that tells you all the reasons why you “can’t?”


My intention for this course is to get you truly lit up about bringing out that inner warrior that’s inside you, begging to come out, kick-ass, and shine.

I know you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines watching your life pass by, hoping you’ll one day have the courage to go after your desires.


This is YOUR journey,

but I’m here to provide you with some extra tools.

These tools have helped my clients launch businesses, walk away from unfulfilling relationships, feel good in their own skin, and feel optimistic about their futures.

Your friends are going to say, “Girl! What’s changed? You’re glowing!”

Yes babe,


This is all YOU. You’re got call the power you need already within you.

I’m just giving you some more tools.

Are you ready to feel REAL confidence?

Feeling Amazing

“I am loving this confidence course! I love that I can do it at my own pace. I’m spending more time with podcasts, your guided meditations, and started journaling. It’s been powerful to journal using the prompts from your class rather than just the random crap from my head.”

– Katrina Call, Phoenix


Powerful, transformative change in how you feel about yourself overnight?

Hmm… Probably not.

Such magical growth that you’ll never have an experience with self-doubt ever again?

Again, probs not.

Confidence builds overtime, with dedication.

I haven’t always exuded confidence.

It’s true. I used to be the girl clinging to unhealthy relationships, desperate to be needed.

I overcompensated for my lack of confidence by demanding attention in unhealthy ways. You know, that girl who dances on the bar and has to have the loudest laugh in the room? Yep, that was me.

I craved being noticed and grabbing the attention of lovers, strangers, whoever. 

I came off unauthentic and undesirable.

It wasn’t until I was a young divorcee that I had to get real with myself. I had to dig in and figure out who I really was and how to adore that version of myself.

Once I appreciated WHO I was, everything changed. 

People were drawn to my confidence,

not my demand for their attention.

But, can I tell you a little secret?

I still experience self doubt sometimes. I have mornings with I wake up with shaky self esteem. There are still days when I wonder who the heck am I to be leading others?

There are always shit days, yes?

What has changed for me is having accessibility to the tools to reignite that confidence when I need it. 


So you’ll have a toolkit ready to boost you up on your bad days.

And work through the coaching lessons I’ve designed to help you feel more confident on the regular.

What’s included in the course?

My BEST tools at your fingertips!

  • 6 Video Lessons – I will walk you through the lessons I do with my private clients, along with the workbooks to help you do the inner work needed to embody each lesson.
  • Guided Meditations – Download quick guided meditations to help you tune into yourself and get a hit of confidence each day.
  • Body Work – Using breathing practices and a variety of yoga lessons, you’ll learn ways to use your body to feel more powerful, confident, and alive.
  • Bonus Resources – I’m a big fan of continued learning, so I wanted to provide the resources that have helped me along the way, including amazing books, journal prompts, and affirmations to continue your self confidence journey. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Q:  When do I access the course? Immediately! As soon as you complete your payment, you’ll receive login details with  access to the online toolkit. 

Q: How long will I have access to the course? You will have lifestyle access to the portal, including all of the videos, meditations, yoga classes, and workbooks. Taryn will be available to answer questions in the portal or by email.

Q: Do you allow refunds? We want to ensure that you are loving the course and all the materials included. A full refund is available within the first two weeks of signing up. 

Q: How long do you have access to the course? Once you purchase the course, you will have lifetime access to the materials. The course may be updated along the way and you will have access to all of the new content that is added.

Q: Will I be allowed to download the course?

Yes, all of the content (videos, meditations, workbooks) are available to be downloaded and watched later on.

Do you have more questions on the course? Ask away!