Wellness & Life Coaching by Taryn Raine

In my coaching, I guide clients one-on-one towards health, happiness, and success. Focusing on a holistic approach, I believe all different parts of one’s life are interconnected and take a broad approach to my coaching services. Take a look at this chart to better explain my focus areas:


Depending on your goals and our conversations, we may focus on:

  • Mindfulness practices
  • Health, fitness, and nutrition
  • Social and environmental challenges
  • Mindset training
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Much more!

Work with me

Are you interested in learning more? I would love to have a free 15-minute consult with you to learn more about your goals and what methods might work best for you. Send me an email about what you are looking for and I will respond with a quick survey and times I am available for your free consult.

Stay tuned for more information on pricing