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I’m Taryn Raine and I’m the founder of the Remote Yogi.

I seek to empower others to take control of their wellness and lifestyle. Through the principles of yoga and mindfulness, I teach my students how to create the right practices that allow them to truly thrive.

I created the Remote Yogi to build an online community of people who are seeking to have a consistent yoga practice from anywhere in the world. Whether a full-time traveler (like me) or a student in a small town without a yoga studio, you can build your practice from anywhere. I’m here to help you do it!

I believe in the powerful connection of mind, body, and spirit and the importance of aligning all three elements to enjoy an enriched life. Therefore, I teach a style of yoga that goes beyond the body and asana (poses). Yoga is a constant journey and a remembering of our true nature. I’m here to help my students find themselves again and feel 100% confident in their own skin.

I aim to create an atmosphere that allows you to explore what works for you. I share mindfulness practices, yoga courses, recipes and eating guide, lifestyle tips, spiritual lessons, etc.Take what serves you, and leave the rest! I don’t believe that anything in life is one size fits all. Instead, I wish to educate you to make your own path. Let’s learn and grow together!

About Me

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetI began exploring the world of health really young, around the age of 11. I began to pay attention to my body and became obsessed with reading the latest workout trend in teen magazines. While not always the healthiest advice, this route eventually introduced me into the world of veganism, fitness, mindset training, and eventually, yoga.

When I was first introduced to yoga, it truly changed my life. Throughout most of my adolescence, I battled with depression and anxiety. It plagued my ability to thrive. My very first yoga class presented a miracle - a clear, focused mind. I was shocked and immediately hooked. I left knowing that I would be an instructor one day.

In 2014, I was living in a small town in Arizona that was lacking yoga presence and felt called to bring the practice to my community. My mind was made up and I enrolled in a teaching program. I completed my YTT 200-hour course with Inner Vision Yoga and my life was forever changed. I spent the next couple of years introducing yoga to hundreds of students and coaching wellness in a town that had few health resources.

Through a series of life changes, including a divorce and career change, I decided to leave the small community and start a journey around the world. I sold everything I own to travel full-time and experience the digital nomad lifestyle. This lifestyle can be hectic and I quickly felt disconnected from my wellness community. It has become even more important to have the consistency of my yoga practice and an online tribe of like minded people around the world.


I started this trip and the Remote Yogi ready for growth, incredible experiences, and new connections. I am so glad you are joining me on my journey!





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  2. Mary
    March 15, 2018 at 12:48

    My great niece suggested I try restorative yoga when I told her I was so stiff anymore and my balance was not good. I came upon your site and saw that I could use pillows for the poses and I tried them this morning. Gosh, it was great! Felt different and I can’t really explain it. Anyway, just wanted you to know. Thanks! I’m almost 80 and don’t want to settle for the rocking
    chair yet!

  3. Taryn Raine
    March 17, 2018 at 17:22

    Mary, I am so glad that worked for you! I can also work on a couple articles on chair yoga because there is so much you can do from a chair to help avoid stiffness. I’m a BIG fan of pillows myself. I am proud of you for trying new things! Keep up the incredible work. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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