Local Movements in Croatia

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

One of the reasons I wanted to leave my life behind and join this crazy adventure on Remote Year was to be exposed to different cultures. I have always been a very open-minded person, so while I have lived in few places, I feel like I have immersed myself in belief systems and ideologies outside the norm of the societies in which I have lived. Different ways of life absolutely fascinate me and I have been eager to immerse myself in more.


Croatia has been incredible so far. I have seen the beauties of nature at the gorgeous waterfalls of Krka, the many islands plotted along the Adriatic Sea, and the lush greenery along the coast.

I have an amazing new tramily from RY, full of their own unique life stories, personalities, and opinions. The conversations have been deep, complex, and show the need to build productive conversations that build bridges among our different views.


However, there are bigger stories happening around me here in Croatia. There are people working and fighting for things they believe in. There are people struggling to support their families and enjoy their gorgeous beaches, currently plagued with tourists with little regard for the well being of the locals.

I am blessed to have an experience here that has immersed me in the local cultures and the local tribulations.

The history of Croatia is a messy one that comes with the complexion of war and struggle. It is a nation that has gone through the tribulations of a divided people, something that I can relate to right now as an American who also lives in a divided nation.

Pokret Otoka | Island Movement

I think this is why I was very drawn to the stories told by an incredible woman, Maja Jurisic. Maja is a project manager for an organization call Pokret Otoka, or Island Movement.

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

According to their Facebook page, “Island Movement is a self-sustaining and solidarity network of islanders and island lovers who, by connecting individuals, organizations and ideas, are building responsible and sustainable society on Croatian islands.” I absolutely love their mission:

Our desire is to create insular community together – community which is strong enough to act and change things for the better future of all islanders and beyond. With our own example of self-organization in a proactive and supportive community working on very concrete projects, we want to encourage others to take over responsibility for sustainable future of the islands. Networking and mutual support are helping us to grow and develop ourselves, organizations and islands without having a feeling of misunderstanding and loneliness in our ideas.

The nation of Croatia, and their collection of over 1000 islands, has exploded with tourism over the last five years. The influx of tourism has promoted new jobs, a prosperous summer economy, and has placed Croatia on the map of must-visit destinations. Consequently, the country has struggled as money-hungry businesses have moved in to profit on the tourism here.

There are boisterous beach side bars that party and drink into the early hours of the morning. There are new festivals, encouraging patrons to come and spend their money on cheap tricks and boozy celebrations.

“Thank you island. Do you hear your islands?” From Island Movement’s Facebook page

There is a problem of sustainability with the level of tourism and the lack of policy to protect the environment. The main cities are becoming littered with the debris of visitors looking for a good time, with not a care for the wreckage they leave behind.

Even worse, the locals are struggling to access their very own beaches, the places they have enjoyed their entire lives for a peaceful swim and the enjoyment of the paradise they call home. Tourism has taken over, disregarding the lives of those who live here.

This is part of the struggle Island Movement is seeking to shine light upon and is working to protect the environment and the people who live here. They are working hard to educate people, having protests throughout the islands and major cities, and are dedicating hours of their time to this incredible movement.

From Island Movement’s Facebook page

Please follow them and spread the word!

Inspired Croatia – Eco Camp

I was also very blessed to have met more incredible people this weekend, who are working hard to educate and promote sustainable living in Croatia. Still in the beginning stages, this group of people are working hard to promote other bad asses, build their eco camp, and collaborate with like minded people.

Inspired Croatia‘s Mission:

All in all, our mission is simple. We want to flood your life with wonder and curiosity, to invite a constant flow of ideas and experiences to keep all of us moving forward and upward. From historical walks and yoga classes to making terrariums, weaving dream catchers, and learning how to grow your own food – we invite you to share your passions & learn from others. There are so many ways of being human, and we can’t wait to see yours.


Power couple, Shannon and Ante, led us on an inspiring day through the different centers in Kastela, a visit to an ancient olive tree, and back to their Eco Camp in the gorgeous mountains that overlook the City of Split and the Adriatic.


They are working to build an incredible Eco Camp, created by their own hands and those of the volunteers they receive through collaborations with companies such as Remote Year. A tour of the grounds showed us their impressive fruit and vegetable gardens, a number of fruit trees (including fig, yum!), future camping grounds, and the building they will be turning into the kitchen and bar.

Their goal is for people to stay on the grounds and contribute to their own meals from start to finish. If you want to eat, you will be responsible for picking your own food and assisting in the process. It is a great idea for creating more appreciation for where one’s food comes from.


While we visited, we assisted with picking cherries, planting seeds, and I helped to rebuild a traditional mason wall. I freaking loved it and cannot wait to revisit when their dreams are ready to show off to the world!

Keep up with the cool things Inspired Croatia is doing on their Facebook page and Instagram!

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Remember to have appreciation…

I think we need to spread more awareness about conscious traveling. I definitely want people to enjoy their travels, enjoy their precious vacations hours, and have a blast doing whatever is fun for them… but we need to start being aware of the fact that we are vacationing in someone’s home.

Let’s make a better effort to take care of our environment when we travel. Let’s make an effort to show appreciation for the locals that open their beaches, gorgeous monuments, and parks for our enjoyment. And when possible, let’s make an effort to educate ourselves, get involved, and give back.

Always remember that we all live under the same sky, looking at the same moon.

If this post inspired you, please share the efforts of the people mentioned above! Support and awareness can go a long way.

Many thanks for reading!

Taryn ❤


Yoga to Open the Heart (video)

“Tolerance and compassion are the qualities of fearless people.” – Paulo Coelho

Compassion. Love. Kindness. This is a pretty standard class theme for me. Not because it is standard and easy, but because it is absolutely crucial for this planet right now. It is vital.

We currently live in a world of fear. When we are living in a fear-based society, everything is lack. Everything is a struggle. Everything is judged. Everything is disconnected. When we are afraid, we pull away from life.

But, there is a cure: Love.

Love is the opposite of fear. Love is abundance. Love is acceptance. Love is connection and community. Love encourages life and living in every moment.

When more of us choose to see things in love, rather than fear, we spread light. It is contagious and it can only grow as we continue to use our compassion to touch others. I believe, by simply choosing love, we can make miraculous changes to our community.


In yoga, we practice opening the heart through poses that expand the chest. Chest opening poses are great for creating space and freedom in the body. As we expand the sternum, rib cage, and upper body throughout the poses, we promote healthy posture and better circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy.

Additionally, we can sometimes store fear based emotions (anything opposite of love) in our heart chakra, one of the major energy centers in the body located in the center of the chest. As this energy center is a representation of our connection to love, when it is closed off we can feel angry, sad, lonely, bitter, etc. Through opening the chest and expanding the heart chakra, we can seek to release the fear and invite in love.

Let’s grab our mats and focus on some love-based thoughts!

PS – This video is super goofy because it is windy and… you’ll see! 😛

Thanks for watching and I hope you are feeling a bit more compassionate and loving today!



Easy Vegan Chili

“Never eat ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Except quinoa. You should eat quinoa.”

Y’all! The struggle to eat healthy has been real. In Croatia, there’s so much fresh bread! So much delicious feta! So much gelato!

I am incredibly grateful that I do cook and I am able to make a lot of my meals at home. The markets here in Croatia are full of delicious and fresh ingredients, making it really easy to make salads, sauteed veggies, and to eat plenty of juicy fruit. I have been super happy with red cherries being in season right now. My dad would be going nuts.


While the market is nice, it is also a forty five minute walk from me and the super markers nearby leave a lot of be desired. Plus, it is a pain in the butt to use google translate on everything, so I hope for the best most days.

Week one: I was super excited to make some oatmeal I found in the tiny natural foods section at the local store. Fail. I bought barley. It was still good, but not the same…

Week two: I search everywhere for a damn sweet potato. I might have been teary eyed when I gave up…

Week three: My roomie wants to attempt nachos at home. The only salsa we could find in the store was so, so sad. It tasted like tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, chili powder, and onion powder. It made me miss home, a lot.

Yea… so those are definitely kidney beans… ^

In the hunt to make delicious nachos, I grabbed what looked like a can of black beans (another thing I have been struggling to find)! But alas, I opened the can to find kidney beans. BOOOO!!!

Which brings us to today’s post…

So, I had to use the kidney beans. I have been feeling super under the weather and craving soup, so vegan chili it is!

I want to warn everyone: When cooking in a foreign country, you cannot be tied to certain ingredients, at all. Just in spices alone, I struggled. Be open minded and try new things. This recipe I am sharing today is not exactly the way I cook it at home, but I ended up modifying the ingredients to what I could find here.

Vegan Chili

  • Servings: 2-4
  • Time: 20 minutes total
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Learning how to cook my normal recipes with a bit of flexibility.



  • 1/2 a red and green pepper, diced
  • 1/2 cup onions, diced
  • 2 stalks of celery, diced
  • 2 carrots, diced
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced (or substitute with powder)
  • 1 can of red kidney beans
  • 1 can of pinto beans
  • 1 can of tomatoes (I got picante flavor for extra heat)
  • 1/2 cup dried quinoa
  • 2 1/2 cups of vegetable broth
  • 2-3 tbs chili powder
  • 2 tsp dried oregano
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Optional: squeeze of lime, cilantro, curry powder, smoked paprika, avocadoes, etc.


  1. Heat the oil on a large pot at med-high heat. Add garlic, onions, peppers, carrots, and celery. Cook until onions are translucent, about 5-6 minutes.
  2. Add all the spices, stir well, and let cook for another minute or so
  3. Add can of tomatoes (with juice). Rinse out both cans of beans and add to pot. Add vegetable broth and quinoa. Stir together well. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer.
  4. Continue to simmer for about thirty minutes, stirring occasionally. Make sure the quinoa is fully cooked.
  5. Remove from heat. Add toppings to individual bowls as desired.

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It is missing a little bit of the spices I normally use. Plus, I like to use white beans and/or black beans as well, but I cannot seem to find them here.


I really enjoy chili because it is easy to reheat all week. My roomie made some pasta, so I stored some in her empty sauce jar and threw the jar in my backpack to keep at the workspace.


It is super convenient! Just add some of that delicious bread I spoke about earlier and (maybe) a beer, and you are set for an easy meal all week.

If you make it, let me know what you think!

❤ Taryn


Latest obsession: Thinx period panties

“If women ran the world we would not have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days.” – Robin Williams

I am going to start this post with a warning: I will be talking about menstruation. I will be talking about bleeding, period products, and my review of Thinx. If you are offended by any of that or pictures of me in my underwear, I would stop reading now. I will take no offense if you skip this post.

This post is for my lady friends! Has anyone else felt super frustrated by their periods and the lack of products for this monthly annoyance? Since period products first started to be distributed in the 1850’s until now, I feel like there has been little advancement. (Read more on the history) I mean, there are tons of ways to fix erectile dysfunction by now, so why do we have such few options for dealing with our damn menstrual cycle?

^ Found this picture on Google, but I think it is a literal photo of my dad getting his three daughters period products

For most of my life, I only knew about tampons and pads. Do you remember the first time using a tampon? I had the instructions and I think I stared at it for about 20 minutes before I took the courage to put the damn thing in. I was probably in junior high.

In college, I learned about period cups. My mind was blown! As a self-proclaimed hippie, I was super impressed by the idea of this reusable product that would reduce the chance of infection and cramps. I wasn’t brave enough to use it until years later though.

I felt like I was going through the entire tampon experience again. I watched youtube videos for hours trying to figure out how to insert the damn thing and it took me a few tries to get it in properly. I was super excited about it, but every month I was anxious about inserting the period cup.

When you don’t insert a period cup correctly, it hurts! Plus, when you have nails, it is pretty impossible to not scratch your insides in the process. I have a super sensitive vag, so any minor bump could cause an obnoxious infection. I liked the alternative, but I was still looking for something different.

I was very intrigued when I saw the Facebook ads for this company called Thinx. I first saw an interview with the owners, talking about their hunt for the right materials, their charity work, and how cool the products were. However, it took my very honest friend posting her review to really convince me.


I was super psyched. I ordered three pairs and waited patiently for them to arrive. When they did, I waited patiently for my period to come. It took forever for it to arrive (I had gone off BC that month). I was laughing at myself for how excited I was for my menstruation!

I bought three different styles and love them all! I took some pics in each one so you can see how they look on a non-model body. They’re all great looking!

Hiphugger: Heaviest Days. Holds 2 tampons of blood

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These things are incredible! I’ve been wearing them for a couple periods now and they’re my favorite to sleep in. They’re incredibly comfortable and I don’t ever feel wet when I have them on.

On accident, I fell asleep in them after wearing them all day. On their website, Thinx suggests using these for twelve hours, but I was in them for twenty four hours. On my heaviest day. In my sister’s pajama pants. ZERO LEAKS! Plus, they hardly felt wet in the morning. So much praise for these things!

I will say that I have to be very selective about what clothes I wear with these though, because they do have a strong underwear line underneath pants.

Sport: Medium days. Holds 1 tampon of blood

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I don’t love these as much, tbh. I think I would enjoy them more if I bought a size bigger. They’re just a little tighter than I would like and not as comfortable because of it.

They still work great though! When I first wore them,  I wanted to test them out and put on pink yoga pants with them. (Pssstt… I only wore this at home because the undie line is real) I wore them all day and spent a lot of time sitting in funky positions and yoga poses. At the end of the day, there was a small amount of blood on my pants, but it was more like the blood had rubbed on to the edges of the panties from the way I was sitting all day.

They definitely work, but I would be careful about wearing them to yoga class.

Thong: Lightest days. Holds 1/2 a tampon of blood

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I love the thong! When you wear yoga pants as often as I do, you need these in your arsenal. They are definitely for the lightest days, but they work well.

I wore them once on day two of my period, which is usually one of my heaviest day, because I was super set on wearing this dress that needed a nude thong underneath. I had no problems at all!

Btw, when you get nude thongs, the inside is still black so you do not need to worry about the thong staining on the outside:


Final thoughts:

I am actually eager to buy more. Most of the panties come in nude or black and would love to have some nude boyshorts. I think it would be easier to have about 4-5 pairs while on my period so I am not rushing to wash them every day,

Speaking of washing, they are super easy to wash! Simply rinse them out with cold water, wring them out, and throw them in your pamper to wash with them rest of your dark clothes. Wash on cold and hang dry. Crazy easy!

One time, I was staying at a friends house and there was a party going on, so I wasn’t exactly comfortable to be washing the panties in the sink. So, I just threw them in a plastic bag and put them back in my duffle. I didn’t get to rinse them until the next day, but I didn’t notice any problems from doing that.

There are only a few cons I have had with wearing them. Firstly, they definitely have a noticeable panty line under clothing, so I have to be more selective about the clothes I wear. They also make a tiny bit of noise and I was not expecting that. I think the sound is starting to go away each time I wash them though. Lastly, you need to have a plan for what to do if you need to change them out someplace when you can’t wash them right away or they have to be stored in your bag wet.

Overall, I am a super happy customer! I still have a few organic pads and tampons in my bag for days just in case or for swimming purposes, but my Thinx panties will definitely continue traveling with me around the world!

Save $10 on your order!

Are you interested in buying Thinx? Send me your email address and I can send you a personal coupon to get $10 off your order! Comment below or email me at theremoteyogi@gmail.com. (Psstt… I get $ too!)

Would love to know if you have used Thinx or any other products like them. What do you think about it?

Love, Taryn


Day Trip to Krka & Zadar

“A strong man and a waterfall always channel their own path.” – Unknown

I can’t believe I have already been in Croatia for 10 days, but at the same time, it feels like I have been friends with my new family for a long time.

We have spent hours gathered together for workshops, dance parties on the beach (in the rain), and have shared plenty of meals. I am feeling supported, motivated, and at home with my new tramily aka tribe family or travel family.

Let me introduce you to Remote Year: Earhart. You can call us Hartthrobs 🙂

This past Sunday, a group of us planned a day trip up to the waterfalls in Krka and the sound organ in Zadar. It was quite the adventure!

First off, I want to advise you on rental cars if you ever visit Split. There are a lot of hills and the rental cars are all standards. I highly recommend avoiding small, light cars with little push. We got some Fiat Pandas and once we crammed five people into each one, we could barely get up the hills in first gear and full gas… So… definitely will be renting better vehicles from now on, even if they’re more expensive.


The drive to Krka from Split was about an hour and a half, but we had a blast jamming to music, laughing at the funny noises people make in their sleep, and enjoying the gorgeous scenery through the mountains of Croatia.

Krka was packed with people! The walking trail itself is rather short, but while the crowds it can take about an hour to walk through the trails. The trails are gorgeous and I almost wish we could’ve gone slower, but without all the people in our way.



It was amazing to swim in the fresh water, especially after choking on salt water in the ocean all week. I still wear goggles of course because contacts suck. The waterfalls were amazing!!!

This photo was taken from the fabulous Rachel Yancey on Instagram 
This photo was taken from the fabulous Rachel Yancey on Instagram 

We decided to go to Zadar to experience the sounds of the Sea Organ there. The Sea Organ is a piece of architecture located no the coast of Zadar that creates music when the ocean waves pass through tubes located below the marble staircase. I love the sound of it and have listened to the sea organ on YouTube several times. However, it is harder to enjoy the sound in person because of the sounds of all those visiting the city. It would’ve been better early morning or late at night when fewer people are around.


Even still, you can hear the mysterious sounds on my video below and check out their light show, which mimics the wave lines.

I was very proud of myself for finding the courage to jump into the ocean off the top edge of the platform. It was a blast!


Follow along:

Questions about my trip?! Comment below 🙂

Taryn ❤



How the heck did I find my remote job?!

Interview with Amanda Marie, Blogger and Founder of Laminai.com

“Your career is your business. It’s time for you to manage it as a CEO.” – Dorit Sher

I have received a ton of questions over the last few months about my career change and the steps I took to find remote work. I am lucky to have received a ton of help.

When Remote Year offered me a position in their program, they also gave me a plethora of resources on how to find remote opportunities. They offered insight on how to negotiate with my current company (though not an option for me), a list of companies that are hiring for remote positions, and websites specifically designed for remote job hunters. I’ll talk more about that below.

Even with these resources, it still took me quite some time to find a good fit. I especially could not have done it without the help of my dear friend and career coach, Amanda Marie.

When I lost my first job offer, I became really desperate to find work and reached out to Amanda for help. Thank goodness I did! Amanda taught me a ton about how to look for the right jobs, how to write effective cover letters, and how to prepare for an interview. She taught me how to focus on my skill set and jobs that will actually interest me and accelerate my career.

Most importantly, she taught me how to value myself and understand what I am capable of. For that, I am incredibly grateful!

I am thrilled to introduce you to Amanda today!


Q: Amanda, I am so excited to feature you and your business on my blog because you have been such a saving grace in my search for a new job. I would love for you to tell my readers a little bit about you and your business.

A: Thank you so much Taryn, it’s been my pleasure working with you! I appreciate the opportunity to share a bit more about what I do and how I can help others who are ready to kick off their job search.

Q: What are the common mistakes you see when people are applying for jobs?

A: As a former recruiter myself, I have seen thousands of resumes. I think some of the most common mistakes I’ve come across are formatting, spelling, and a candidate failing to trim down information that may not be the best representation of their experience, or their own personal brand. Often times candidates want to either include too much and create 4-5 pages of a resume, or they fail to include their accomplishments and include too little.

Q: What basic advice do you tend to give people on resumes?18871250_10212103295673726_1375289529_n

A: Well, it truly does depend on each person’s unique goals, but typically we will discuss their achievements, skill set, strengths, work history, and what their next step will be. A resume should only be 1-2 pages maximum, work history should be relevant to the position you want or only include the last 5-10 years, under each job you should only include 4-6 bullet points about what you did. You have less than a minute to impress the recruiter you’re sending your resume to, so make those seconds count!

Q: What about interviews?

A: It’s important to practice before going to an interview! A hiring manager or recruiter understand that typically the interview is a person presenting their very best self, it does not give enough time to see how someone truly works or the entirety of their personality, so each moment counts. Being punctual is important of course, asking yourself questions you might hear in an interview beforehand will help you feel less anxious when those questions are presented to you by a potential employer.

Q: Do you have any advice on how to find remote or telecommute positions?

A: Absolutely, there are many online communities and websites that can guide you towards the right remote position for your skill set. Some of these websites I passed along to you Taryn, during your search! The remote work community, digital nomads, coworking spaces, and start ups seeking help from those interested in working flexibly from their own homes is growing everyday. I encourage those interested in telecommuting to not be discouraged! Look for remote working Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Angel.co, WeWorkRemotely, and of course… use the power of google!

Q: Where can my readers find you and learn more about your business?

A: I am always available for support when it comes to helping people reach their full potential – they can find more details at www.laminai.com!

Psssttt… She’s also on Facebook!!! – Taryn 


I hope y’all check Amanda’s stuff out! She is an incredible woman – an entrepreneur, a badass yogi chick, and has the kindest of hearts ❤

To wrap up…

Amanda mentioned some of the awesome sites I used when looking into remote work, but I would also suggest a couple more: Indeed – Remote, Career Builder – Remote, and Flex Jobs. If you are looking into doing freelance work, but don’t know where to get started, I definitely recommend UpWork. I already have one side job on the site and receive offers a couple times a month for other work.

If you are interested in remote work specifically, I would suggest subscribing to Remotive, as I found their tips and email newsletters to be extremely helpful.

For general career and job hunting advice, check out the Muse. Their content is awesome! Plus, they post jobs on their site too.

I hope you find this to be helpful!

Did I tell you that my new job is working for this ^ awesome company called Endless Events?! My job title is Keeper of Keys & Events ❤

Do you have any questions for Amanda or me related to career advice, the job hunt, etc? Comment away, my friends!

Xo Taryn


Early Thoughts on Split, Croatia

“Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.” – Isabelle Eberhardt

I’m here! The journey has finally begun and I must say, I am so blessed to in this gorgeous city!


The scenery is breath taking and I am lucky enough to witness the best of both worlds each day.

My apartment is up on a hill that faces the mountains and there is greenery everywhere. Looking out from my balcony, I see a garden, a mural painting (that I cannot wait to teach yoga in front of), and I enjoy the serenity of a quiet hillside. I am currently sitting on my balcony, sipping a cup of pour-over coffee while listening to the birds sing and typing this post.


My work space is located right on the beach! The sea is an incredible shade of blue and I love that when you look out into the ocean, you see islands and hill tops in the distance. There are restaurants, coffee shops, and bars all along the coast line, waiting eagerly to serve the tourists that flock to this city each summer.

With it only being the start of day four, I’m sure I will have a ton of other things to write about in the coming weeks. However, I wanted to give an update and fill you in so far. In each city I visit, I am eager to tell you about differences I have not witnessed before, things I am loving, and things I am not loving so much…

What’s different so far?

  • We had the hardest time figuring out how to get into the bank the first day. There are two sets of doors and they only let in one person at a time. You stand at the first doors, they open, and you walk in. That door closes and the other door opens. It makes sense for safety, but it was new and hard to figure out…
  • We weigh and sticker our own produce here. We didn’t realize this, so the lovely lady at the check-out counter had to do it for us… but we’ve got it covered from now on.
  • People park ALL over the place. Half-way up the side walk, in between landscape, etc. Our Uber driver told us it is because more and more people started to buy cars here and there was not the proper planning for parking spaces. Makes sense.


  • My closet pulls down to me (see picture). The hangers are way up at the top of the closet and you pull down on a pole to bring the clothing down to normal height. I think it is a genius way to save space
  • To crack a window, the top of it releases and angles back. That’s a new one for me, but I here it’s pretty common outside the US and even in some places within the US… I’m just sheltered 🙂

What am I already in love with?

  • The views, obvi 🙂



  • The workspace, WiP, is awesome! There is a combination of seating to accommodate whatever mood I am in each day – cushions, couches, chairs, bar stools, etc. There’s an espresso machine and a great vibe to be working in. Plus, they let me teach yoga here


  • The Green Market! It is about a 45 minute walk from where I live, but it is worth every step! It takes place nearly every morning down in Old Town and there is an abundance of fresh produce, gorgeous flowers, baked goods, meat and cheese. I also picked up some fresh lavender to spread throughout our apartment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • My crew! Everyone I have met so far has their own unique personality and they all rock! I think it takes a certain level of boldness and weirdness to decide to go on a trip like this, so everyone connects in some way. Plus, my program leaders are lit!
  • The excitement for yoga – I already have excited students, ready to learn!


Things I am not as in love with…

  • The driving here is a bit nerve-racking! There aren’t many rules of the road and sitting in the back of an Uber watching it all go down is a bit much for my anxious heart. I’ll get used to it, I’m sure, but it is super important to be extra vigilant as a pedestrian, as they don’t always stop or slow down for crosswalks.
  • Smoke everywhere! It seems like the majority of the people here smoke 😦
  • So many coins! I am definitely not used to carrying change, so my wallet is just a bit heavier than normal.
  • Humidity – It really is not bad, but I am sweating more than I am used to!


Still undecided: Whether I love or dislike my walk home. My apartment is one of the furthest from the group and is located quite a ways up the hill from everyone else. I am anxious for my legs to acclimate to the amount of walking up and down hill, because doing it several times a day is very new for me. I think the trek up the hill is similar to walking up thirty flights of stairs. It is also far away from everyone else too, which means there is a bit more walking on my own.

However, it is a safe city and I am looking forward to how great my butt and legs look at the end of this month (pssst… I walked 13 km yesterday). Plus, as I stated earlier, I have the gorgeous mountain views. So, I think I am aiming more towards a love for my longer walk 🙂


I have been taking it a bit slower paced the first few days as I get used to my new lifestyle, but I am eager to share more excitement with you along the way. I will also work hard on getting a yoga video up for y’all by the end of this week!

Much love, my friends! ❤ Taryn