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Taryn offers one-on-one Yoga Lifestyle coaching that focuses on a holistic approach to wellness. This style of coaching focuses on the foundations of yoga, mindset training, healthy habits, empowerment, and more.

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  • Practice honesty


    I believe in true connection which can only be found when we decide to be open, vulnerable, and honest.

  • Living in authencity


    I believe in the importance of uniqueness and never teaching in a "one size fits all" attitude. Let's share our weird, authentic selves!

  • Loving Kindness


    We are light workers. It is my mission to teach others how to spread loving kindness and live a life full of compassion and empathy.

  • Selfless Service

    My Commitment

    I believe I was placed on this earth to serve others to the best of my ability and is the heart and soul of everything I do.

I've done my first class on the sun salutations and it felt amazing to get up in the morning and move my body. Thanks so much!
Lexi T.
I just once again have to share that your guidance and spirit and light never disappoint I think I've shed tears of pure emotional release and joy and growth each time I've attended your class! Thank you for exuding YOU and bringing the butterfly out in me.
Shonda L.
Shonda L.
One on one lessons with Taryn are awesome. I have 0 confidence when it comes to yoga, and she doesn’t let me get down on myself. The best part the convenience of having The Remote Yogi with me wherever I go. The online videos and poses are easy to follow, and I can schedule my own yoga classes whenever I have time in my schedule.
Lauren D
Lauren D
I have officially completed the 14 day challenge. Yay! I want to thank you again for putting your time and energy into others. Thank you for the personal messages that helped me not drop yoga again.
Preciousvy I.
Thank you so much. I feel much refreshed after doing this! I would like to continue & end up in a cool & confident new me!
Really enjoy your weekly letters. Full of good info and lets us know we are not alone in some of our "individual" struggles :)
Amity J
I'm so grateful to Taryn for all her patience,  guidance and knowledge! She has helped me achieve more control over my mind and body. Her knowledge is extensive and her heart is priceless. Sincerely, a happy student.
Danielle A
Taryn's yoga always seems to target just what I'm needing at the moment (whether that is my hamstrings, my torso, or my brain). Her experience has helped me to drastically improve how accurate my poses are, as well as my overall flexibility and balance.
Melissa R
Melissa R
I have been following your class every day x 2 and I love it. I think you are such a good teacher. I am so glad I stumbled across your site and got to join your tribe. I think this will finally be my rescue!
Elisabeth H